We have a high demand for our services and right now we are excited to expand our team working with regulatory driven change within the securities industry. As our clients are taking on the challenges posed by new regulation, we are there to help them succeed, but right now we cannot meet the demand!

Are you an experienced, highly devoted, Innovative, hardworking, orderly and structured consultant within the financial space that want to join one of the best team in the industry? Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your next challenge!

Check out the specific applications to the right!

Senior Project Manager

You are a senior project manager with more than 5 years experience of running complex projects within the financial sector ready to take on new challenges as a part of our team. We have several requests from our clients who need a skilled leader to take on projects within financial regulation.

Senior business analyst

You are a senior business analyst with more than 5 years’ experience in the banking and finance industry who seeks new challenges in complex business change project. Right now we have requests for skilled business analysts to work within regulatory projects related to securities processing.

Senior requirements specialist

You are a senior requirements specialist with more than 5 years experience working with requirements within the financial sector. You are detail oriented while managing the big picture and ready to take lead when needed. We have a strong demand from our clients for skilled consultants working in business process outsourcing projects.